In Oriental medicine there are various concepts Negative and Positive("In-You" in Japanese), Five lines("Gogyou" in Japanese) , Air("Ki" in Japanese), Blood("Ketu" in Japanese), Water("Sui" in Japanese), etc. But the most important concept in oriental medicine is to regard human body as a total organism - "Whole body pathology" as distinct from the famous "Cell pathology" of Ludoruf Virchow. Oriental medicine is one of the newest therapies in this sense. Without this core concept Oriental medicine is only one of many alternative medicines in the world.
Prescription of Kampo is ordinary consists of combination of several crude drugs. Kampo prescriptions are classified functionally into 3 groups. They are a sweating related group, a urination related group and a defecation related group.
For analysis, first all the crude drugs are expressed alphabetically sign instead in chinese character(see next chapter). Second all the crude drugs are classified according to the frequency in 155 prescriptions listed in a classic text "Kampo Chiryouhou Teiyou" [A Manual of Kampo Therapy] by Dr. WADA Seikei.