Classification of prescription
Kampo prescriptions are classified into 8 groups according to presence(+) or absence(-) of primary drugs and secondary drugs.
S-1 Ci and La and Ephe(+)
S-2 Ci and La and Ephe(-)
G-1 Rhe or Zi and Pe or Wi or Dra
G-2 Rhe(+) and Au or Cop or Ga or No
PK-1 Ci or La and Ho or Gypsu
PK-2 Zi or Zin and Scu or Cop or Gly or Pi or No
NK-1 Zinsic(+) and Aco or Atra or Gi or Asa
NK-2 Zinsic(-) and Aco or Pa or Scu or A
S-1,2 are sweating-related prescriptions. S-1 is greater than S-2. G-1,2 are defecation-related prescriptions. G-1 is greater than G-2. PK-1,2 and NK-1,2 are urinatin-related prescriptions. PK prescriptions work by keeping water in our body and later urinating. NK prescriptions only keep water in our body. The relationship between 1 and 2 is the same as before. The next chapter is a pictorial description of Kampo prescriptions(supo).