Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris 5-1

A fiftytwo-year-old woman came to our hospital because of pustulosis palmaris et plantaris that had continued for over 20 years.
She is relatively big and obese. We prescribed her Ci Ho-pill decoct plus Rhe Coi. One month later, we changed the drug to Ci plus Ephe Gypsu-supe plus Aco Atra He, because of her lumbago. She got well rapidly. There has been no recurrence for 4 years.

@at first coming6 months later
right thumbright thumb-at first comingright thumb-6 months later
right internal footright internal foot-at first comingright internal foot-6 months later
right external footright external foot-at first comingright external foot-6 months later
left heelleft heel-at first comingleft heel-6 months later