Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris 4-1

A fiftysix-year-old woman came to our hospital because of pustulosis palmaris et plantaris that had continued for over a year.
at first coming
right sole-at first comingleft sole-at first coming

We prescribed her Ci Ho-pilolo dekoktita plus Rhe Coi. Her diseae seemed to get worse after a month.
a month later
right sole-a month laterleft sole-a month later

We added He to the prescription. Her erythema got well a little.
9 weeks later
right sole-9 weeks laterleft sole-9 weeks later

Fever, genaral fatigue, anorexia and albuminuria occured, so we changed the prescription to Malgranda Bu-supo plus CI Pa Rhe He. And her skin lesion got well.
4 months later
right sole-4 months laterleft sole-4 months later