Nummular eczema

A 64-year old man came to our clinic for eczema which continued for about 8 years. He had been to 3 university hospitals and 3 public hospitals. But his disease did not get well. When he came to us, eczema was seen on his chest, abdomen, back and extremities. We prescribed Ci Ho pilloro drkoktita plus Rhe soup. He got well rabidly. Dermatologist diagnosed him as Nummular eczema. Seven months later, he stopped drinking Kampo drug, but did not get worse. There has been no recurrence for 6 years and a half.

BackRight armLeft elbowLeg
firstBack-firstRight arm-firstLeft elbow-firstLeg-first
2 weeks laterBack-2 weeks laterRight arm-2 weeks laterLeft elbow-2 weeks laterLeg-2 weeks later
1 month laterBack-1 month laterRight arm-1 month laterLeft elbow-1 month laterLeg-1 month later
4 months laterBack-4 months laterRight arm-4 months laterLeft elbow-4 months laterLeg-4 months later