Atopic dermatitis éT-1

A 28-year old woman came to our hospital because of atopic dermatitis. When she came to us, eczema was seen on her face, elbows and knees. She was lean and easily became dizzy when she stands up rapidly. We prescribed Atra Ci Ho La-supo. She got well very rapidly.
Gastroenteric state, knee pain and pollinosis had got well with atopic dermatitis.

The state of skin lesion at first-coming, 2 weeks, 9 weeks and 6 months later is presented below.

face left side
face left side-first coming face left side-2weeks later face left side-9 weeks later face left side-6 months later

face right side
face right side-nnue face right side-2weeks later face right side-9 weeks later face right side-6 months later