Atopic dermatitis 11-1

@Eighteen-old girl came to our hospital because of atopic dermatitis. Her disease began when she was only 2 years old. When she came to our hospital her diseae was not so severe, so we did not prescribe Kampo medicine. Three months later she came to us again. Her disease had become worse becase of very expensive "health food" she took from a pharmacy. On second coming to us, severe eczema was seen on her upper leg and lower leg. We prescribed Blanktigro plus Gi-supo. She got well rapidly.

@The state of back neck and upper leg at second coming, 1 and 3 months later are showed below.

neckupper leg
second comingneck-second comingupper leg-second coming
1 monthneck-1 monthupper leg-1 month
3 monthsneck-3 monthsupper leg-3 months